Owen and Ethan

We saw Owen and Ethan yesterday for their Children’s Portrait session. They were so good during the shoot. With all the afternoon thunderstorms popping up lately, we were blessed with sunny skies!

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New Addition

Proud parents, Jennifer and Wesley, brought in newborn, Olivia, for portraits last week. Big sis, Natalie, came as well and was such a wonderful helper! Dad experienced a little “water works” from baby Olivia during the shot…luckily at the end of it. Makes you appreciate diapers, huh, dad? ūüôā

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Two of a Kind

Last week must have been our “Twin Week”. Julie brought in her precious twins last week. It’s hard to believe they are already 9 months old.¬†Being this cute they’ll have to get used to seeing all the camera flashes. Julie, Adam, and big sister Samantha,¬†are going to have the best time watching them grow-up.

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All Boy

Carolyn brought her twin boys in for their 2 year old portraits. We¬†photographed Carolyn’s wedding so it was nice to catch up with her. She has her hands full with these two¬†wiggle worms. They are ALL¬†boy and were not interested in sitting still. We found a trunk to sit them in and they thought it was so funny. It¬†preoccupied them for a short while, but then they planned their escape route. Hope mom was able to get some rest¬†when she got home!

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We’re Baaaaack!!!

It was a wonderful week in Hilton Head, but we are glad to be back! I must admit though…it is¬†hard getting back in the groove after hearing the ocean every day. We have a waterfall outside the studio but it just isn’t the same. We managed to get¬†the Fulcher family photographed¬†before the rain. It is always great seeing our clients on our “location vacations”. We’ll be going again in November so watch for details!

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“Mommy and Daddy, look how big I am!”

It’s hard to believe just how fast Grace is growing up! It seems like yesterday we were taking Tracy’s Mother-to-Be portraits. Time sure does fly! Little Grace was showing us how much she had grown during her 3 month portrait session.¬†Boy, she sure is one happy baby and was¬†grinning ear to ear at Mom and Dad. She is just precious!

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“Can I listen, Mommy?”

Latasha and family came in the other week for a Family Portrait session. Alyah was so excited to try and listen for her new baby. I bet she is counting down the days until her¬†new sibling arrives….Latasha, too!¬†Latasha was all smiles!

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“Most Likely to Capture Memories”

Kevin and Katie have been spending the past few days… no, not smooching on the beach…¬†in Raleigh, NC attending East Coast School for Photographers. They will be bringing back some great¬†new ideas so call us to book your¬†next session. 706-854-8885

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Peace Out…

Erinne brought her daughter, Vivian,¬†to the studio¬†this morning for her 6 month portrait session. She was such an expressive little girl…as her “peace” sign does attest. She wore a beautiful christening gown which has been worn by multiple family members over the years. We look forward to showing Erinne her images next week.

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Fripp Island


We drove to Fripp Island to meet the Wilsons for their Family Portrait Session. If anyone was wondering, the wind does blow and the sun does shine there. It was sooooo windy and sooooo bright….but much better than rain, that’s for sure! We had the priviledge of photographing the girls when they were younger, too. Boy how they grow!

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